Adaptive Neural Output Feedback Control for MSVs with Predefined Performance

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IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology


In this paper, we investigate the problem of trajectory tracking control for marine surface vehicles (MSVs), which is subject to dynamic uncertainties, external disturbances and unmeasurable velocities. To recover the unmeasurable velocities, a novel adaptive neural network (NN) state observer is constructed. To guarantee the transient and steady-state tracking performance, a novel nonlinear transformation method is proposed by employing a tracking error transformation together with a newly constructed performance function, which is featured by user-defined settling time and tracking control accuracy. With the aid of the state observer and the nonlinear transformation method, with the combination of the adaptive NN technique and vector-backstepping design tool, an adaptive neural output feedback trajectory tracking control scheme with predefined performance is developed Referring to our developed control scheme, uncertainties can be reconstructed only by utilizing the position and heading of MSVs, independent design of the state observer and the controller can be fulfilled, and the position tracking error can be guaranteed to fall into a predefined residual set in the user-defined time and maintain staying in the above set. Rigorous stability analysis validates that all signals in the closedloop trajectory tracking control system of MSVs are uniformly ultimately bounded. Simulation results verify the effectiveness of our developed adaptive neural output feedback trajectory tracking control scheme.

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