Dimensional stability of short fibre reinforced flowable dental composites

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Scientific Reports


Fibre-reinforced dental composites are proven to have superior mechanical properties in comparison with micro/nano/hybrid filled composites. However, the addition of small quantities of short glass fibres could affect the dimensional stability of the restoration both during initial stages as well as through the life of the restoration. This in-vitro study aims at evaluating the physical properties of short S-Glass reinforced flowable dental composites. Two S-Glass short fibre-particulate reinforced (5 wt% of aspect ratios 50 and 70) and one particulate only reinforced flowable dental composites were prepared with UDMA-TEGDMA based dental monomer systems. Samples were photopolymersied for 60 s and stored in distilled water at 37 °C for 24 h before testing. Depth of cure (through-thickness microhardness), volumetric shrinkage (Archimedes technique), polymerisation stress (cantilever based tensometer), curing exotherm (thermocouple), water sorption and solubility (ISO 4049) and thermal expansion coefficient (dilatometer) were determined. The test results were statistically analysed using one-way ANOVA (p < 0.05). Depth of cure increased by 41%, volumetric shrinkage increased by 8.3%, shrinkage stress increased by 37.6%, exotherm increased by 20.2%, and thermal expansion reduced by 6.4% while water sorption and solubility had a negligible effect with the inclusion of short glass fibres. The study demonstrates that within the same organic resin system and quantity, a small replacement of fillers with short fibres could significantly affect the dimensional stability of the composite system. In conjunction with mechanical properties, this study could help clinicians to gain confidence in fibre reinforced dental composite restorative system.

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