A Reference Measurement System for Calibration of High-Voltage Transducers at Frequencies Up to 10 kHz

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2023 13th IEEE International Workshop on Applied Measurements for Power Systems, AMPS 2023 - Proceedings


We developed a reference measurement system for calibrating wide-bandwidth high-voltage transducers, e.g. magnetic voltage transformers and capacitive voltage transformers, at both fundamental and harmonic frequencies. To generate distorted test voltage waveforms with a fundamental frequency component and multiple harmonics up to 10 kHz, we also developed a composite high-voltage source. We verified the performance of the developed system by comparing with a traceable AC voltage standard, followed by a group of tests to determine the differences of frequency responses between using low-voltage single frequency waveforms and high-voltage distorted waveforms. Finally, we used the system to calibrate a 50 kV inductive voltage transformer using distorted waveforms. We compared the calibration results with the frequency responses obtained in a low-voltage frequency sweep. We also estimated the uncertainties of calibration.

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