Monte Carlo and microdosimetry in particle radiotherapy

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Monte Carlo in Heavy Charged Particle Therapy: New Challenges in Ion Therapy


The nature and the relative yield of ionizations and excitations produced by ionizing particles in sub-cellular structures depend only to a small extent on the average energy deposited by the particles on larger scales. Differences in the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) between various radiations must be due to differences in the microscopic patterns of energy deposition within the irradiated objects, rather than on average quantities. Treatment Planning systems (TPS) are commercially available that include the variation of LET or RBE along the penetration depth, however, while the dose prescriptions calculated by the TPS are routinely verified with certified ionization chambers as part of the quality assurance (QA) program in any radiotherapy department, there is not a defined procedure for the quality assurance of LET or biological effectiveness calculations.

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