Cost Effective Analysis of Stationary and Mobile Energy Storage Systems in Prosumer Microgrid Considering System Reliability and Real-Time Pricing Scheme

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2023 IEEE International Conference on Energy Technologies for Future Grids, ETFG 2023


The energy demand is increasing especially in the urban areas. Various sources of energy are used to fulfill the energy demand. The fossil fuel is depleting and prices of the energy is increasing all over the world. On the other side, energy crises are the main concern of developing countries. Energy is a need in every field of human life, such as in industrial, commercial, residential, and educational institutes. The proposed system is comprised of the solar PV, electric vehicle (EV), utility grid and energy storage system. Prosumer Microgrid is analyzed in literature but ignores mobile and stationary energy storages with real time pricing and reliability. This paper analyzed the campus microgrid with the exchange of energy with the utility grid using the intelligent energy management system (IEMS). Different types of Distributed Generation (DG) with utility grid are integrated and analyzed and reduced operational cost by 74 % which shows the significance of the obtained results. The proposed model is linear and solved using linear programming considering real time pricing scheme. The proposed model can be implemented for the establishment of the smart building.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China



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