PV-Battery Integrated Multiport Solid State Transformer in Distribution Systems for Curtailing the Grid Power and Improving Carbon Neutrality

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2023 IEEE International Conference on Energy Technologies for Future Grids, ETFG 2023


Solid-state transformer (SST) based power conversion solutions are getting increasing attention these days as they can potentially replace the conventional low-frequency transformer. Using power converters, the SST offers flexibility to control the voltage, current, and frequency. This paper proposes a PV-battery integrated multiport solid-state transformer for curtailing the grid power and improving carbon neutrality in power grids. The load is catered mainly by solar PV and battery, while the grid supplies power only when solar PV and battery cannot meet the load demand in low-voltage distribution networks. The MVac grid (11 kV, 50 Hz) is connected to a dc bus using a cascaded front-end rectifier (FER) and a multi-active bridge (MAB) converter. The PV and battery ports are integrated to the same dc bus using another triple-active bridge (TAB) converter. The dc bus voltage is converted to LVac (400 V, 50 Hz) using an active neutral point clamped (ANPC) multilevel inverter with a three-phase, four-wire output. The performance of the system is substantiated using simulation results.

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