Sanitizable Access Control System for Secure Cloud Storage Against Malicious Data Publishers

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IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing


Cloud computing is considered as one of the most prominent paradigms in the information technology industry, since it can significantly reduce the costs of hardware and software resources in computing infrastructure. At the first sight, by merely storing the shared data as plaintext in the cloud storage and protect them using an appropriate access control would be a nice solution. Therefore, encryption is mandatory, and the shared data will need to be stored as a ciphertext using an appropriate access control. However, in practice, some of these employees may be malicious and may want to deviate from the required sharing policy. The existing protection in the literature has been explored to allow only legitimate recipients to decrypt the contents stored in the cloud storage, but unfortunately, no existing work deals with issues raised due to the presence of malicious data publishers. In this work, we present a new direction of research that can cope with the presence of malicious data publishers. We resolve the aforementioned problem by proposing the notion of Sanitizable Access Control System (SACS) to solve the aforementioned problem.

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