Transition support for students on the autism spectrum: a multiple stakeholder perspective

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Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs


Students on the autism spectrum often require support to navigate transitions from one educational setting to another. This study examined stakeholder perceptions about the transition supports that educators employ to support students on the autism spectrum to transition from one school setting to another. A non-matched Australia-wide sample of 167 educators, 680 parents and 142 education/therapy specialists was surveyed. Results indicated that stakeholders had mixed perceptions about the transition supports employed by schools. Although most participants did indicate their school offered some type of transition support, educators and specialists reported significantly higher levels of transition support than did parents. Additionally, participants associated with special schools or autism-specific schools indicated more transitions supports than did those associated with mainstream school programmes. Results indicate a need for clarification among stakeholders regarding the provision of transition support and planning for students on the autism spectrum, improvements in monitoring of transition supports provided, and increased involvement and communication with parents and students on the autism spectrum to create transition plans and supports. In addition, further examination is needed of the relevance and effectiveness of transition supports employed, particularly in mainstream settings.

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