Non-Platinum Group Metal Electrocatalysts toward Efficient Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction

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Advanced Functional Materials


Developing non-platinum group metal (non-PGM) electrocatalysts for the hydrogen oxidation reaction (HOR) represents the efforts towards the more economical use of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen energy, which has attracted tremendous attention recently. However, non-PGM electrocatalysts for the HOR are still in their early development stages as compared with the significant advances in those for the oxygen reduction reaction and hydrogen evolution reaction. Herein, this paper summarizes the recent progresses and highlights the key challenges for the rational design of non-PGM electrocatalysts, aiming to promote the development of non-PGM HOR electrocatalysts. Fundamental understandings of the HOR mechanism are firstly reviewed, where theoretical interpretations on the low HOR kinetics in alkaline media, including the hydrogen binding energy theory, the bifunctional mechanism, and the water molecule reorganization, are particularly discussed. Subsequently, progresses of typical non-PGM HOR electrocatalysts in acid and alkaline media are summarized separately. For the HOR under alkaline conditions, the superiorities and challenges of Ni-based catalysts are discussed with a particular focus as they are the most promising non-PGM electrocatalysts. Finally, this paper highlights the challenges and provide perspectives on the future development directions of non-PGM HOR electrocatalysts.

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