Design and implementation of a wireless communication-based sprinkler irrigation system with seed sowing functionality

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SN Applied Sciences


This study addresses the critical health risks faced by farmers owing to the use of harmful chemical pesticides in agriculture. The primary objective is to create an effective solution to minimize these risks and reduce the use of pesticides. To achieve this, a smart irrigation system has been implemented by connecting various sensors, such as moisture sensors and thermal imagers through the Internet of Things. These sensors collect vital data on crop moisture levels and thermal images that are securely stored in a cloud-based system. The data collected were subjected to extensive analysis to ensure accurate pesticide use and to identify specific pests affecting crops. In addition, the smart irrigation system includes an Android phone for remote monitoring and pesticide spray detection, thus offering a convenient remote-based operating system for farmers. This innovative system not only proved to be cost-effective but also proved to be significantly more efficient than traditional methods, resulting in reduced labor costs. Importantly, it not only addressed the health risks associated with pesticide use but also led to a significant reduction in overall pesticide use in agriculture. This research provides a comprehensive and effective approach to address the health risks farmers face from harmful pesticides, thereby promoting sustainable and safe farming practices for the future.

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