Modeling and design of high-sensitivity dual optical feedback interferometry measurement system enhanced by period-one dynamics

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Optics and Lasers in Engineering


Laser optical feedback interferometry (OFI) is a unique one-channel interferometric measurement technology with the advantages of compact structure, low implementation cost and easy alignment. However, it has a critical challenge that the visibility of interference fringe is often low and further induces low measurement sensitivity, especially in occasions when the optical feedback strength is feeble, e.g., biomedical and fluid detection. Recently, it has been demonstrated that period-one (P1) dynamics can enhance the measurement sensitivity by introducing extra optical feedback to form a dual optical feedback interferometry (DOFI) system. However, the details of the enhancement mechanism and how to design such a system are still required to unveil. In this paper, comprehensive discussions of designing a DOFI system with high measurement sensitivity enhanced by P1 dynamics are presented. First, based on the modified Lang-Kobayashi equations, a mathematical sensing model of a DOFI system working in P1 state was established. Then, simulations were carried out to verify the validity of the proposed model. After that, factors that determine the sensitivity enhancement were analyzed, based on which, theoretical analysis of achieving optimal sensitivity enhancement was performed. Next, we discussed the operation region of a DOFI system in P1 state and investigated the influence of the system parameters on the operation region. At last, experiments were conducted to verify the theoretical analyses. The results of this work provide helpful guidance for the construction of high-sensitivity DOFI sensing and measurement systems.

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