Impacts of chemical short-range orders on nanotribological properties of CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy at room and cryogenic temperatures

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Tribology International


Presence of chemical short-range orders (SROs) had a great impact on the property-structure relationships of high/medium-entropy alloys (H/MEAs), but its influence on the tribological performance of H/MEAs has never been reported. This study provides an understanding on the chemical SRO degree dependent nanoscratching response of CrCoNi MEA by hybrid Monte-Carlo and molecular dynamic simulations. Friction coefficient, wear rate, worn surface morphology, phase stability and dislocation activities have been systematically investigated considering different load mode and temperature conditions. CrCoNi MEA exhibited superior nanotribological properties at cryogenic temperature than room temperature. Increasing chemical SRO degree is found to be effective in reducing friction and improving wear resistance and phase stability, regardless of nanoscratching conditions.

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