Fabrication and tribological properties of carbon fiber and copper fiber reinforced carbon-based composite by hot pressing

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Tribology International


To attain new pantograph skateboard with high strength-toughness and simple fabrication process, copper fiber and carbon fiber reinforced carbon-based composite (Cuf/Cf/C composite) was fabricated by hot pressing technology, micro-structure, mechanical and tribological performances were investigated and compared with the results of carbon skateboard. Cuf/Cf/C composite is superior to carbon skateboard in terms of compactness, hardness, electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and wear resistance. During sliding friction tests with electric current, mechanical acting wear and arc erosion have a stimulating circulation on the worn surface, and adding carbon fiber slows down the deteriorated wear cycle and improves wear resistance. High carbon crystallinity degree of the tribolayer presents low molecular acting friction force, and adjusting crystallite structure is essential to improve friction performance.

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