A Wideband Circularly Polarized CPW-Fed Printed Monopole X-Band Antenna for CubeSat Applications

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IEEE Access


This paper presents a novel wideband circularly polarized CPW-fed printed monopole antenna for CubeSat applications. An AMC reflector with 5× 5 -unit cells is used to increase antenna gain. The overall size of the antenna is 0.48λ 0 × 0.48λ 0 × 0.042λ 0 at the operating frequency of 8-GHz. The proposed printed monopole antenna provides a wide impedance bandwidth and a wide 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth. When comparing our proposed antenna to all designs, it is evident that the proposed printed monopole antenna offers several advantages. Firstly, it exhibits higher gain and a wider 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth (ARBW) while maintaining a smaller physical size. More specifically, the measured results show a wide -10 dB impedance bandwidth of 97.5% (6.1-13.9 GHz), and a wide measured 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth of 98.75% (5.1-13 GHz) and total measured gain of 7.3-dBi at 8 GHz.

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