Compression of Structured Geomaterials

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Dsc/Hiss Modeling Applications for Problems in Mechanics, Geomechanics, and Structural Mechanics


While it has been common practice for different constitutive models to be proposed for different categories of geomaterials, e.g., clays, sands, and silts, and even for the same material with different structures, recent attempts have been made to find unifying constitutive models that apply to any type of geomaterial. This chapter describes a method that has the potential to provide a unified soil constitutive model. In particular, a simple but very general compression model for structured geomaterials is suggested based on the disturbed state concept. It is demonstrated that this general compression model can successfully simulate the volumetric behavior of a very wide range of structured geomaterials over a large range of stress. These geomaterials include clays; sands; gravels; calcareous soils; soft rocks; and reinforced, cemented, chemically treated and contaminated soils.

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