Chemically Treated Soils

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Dsc/Hiss Modeling Applications for Problems in Mechanics, Geomechanics, and Structural Mechanics


This chapter discusses the modelling of chemically treated soil such as cemented soils using the disturbed state concept (DSC). The DSC model was developed to capture the shear and volume change behaviour of lignosulfonate (LS)-treated soil. The relative intact (RI) responses of LS-treated and untreated soil were modelled incorporating δ 0 versions of the HiSS plasticity model. A non-associated flow rule was incorporated through the disturbance function. The behaviour of LS bonds was modelled separately using the same DSC concept, and the response of the fully adjusted (FA) state was used for modelling the treated soil. The model response was calibrated with the laboratory experimental data on LS-treated and untreated soil. The proposed model has captured the key features of LS-treated soil such as increase in shear strength, stiffness, ductility and reduction in compressibility compared to untreated soil. Moreover, the predicted response of the model was validated with the independent set of laboratory shear test data for LS-treated soil and found to be in good agreement.

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