Advances in mining safety theory, technology, and equipment

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Advances in Geo-Energy Research


Mineral resources are increasing important for sustainable development in modern society. As the progressive depletion of shallow mineral deposits, deep or ultra-deep mineral extraction is an inevitable choice for mineral and energy security in various countries in the future. The trend of occurrences of geohazards including rock burst, cascading ground failure, uncontrollable underground space squeezing, coal and gas outburst, and fires, will be expected to excessively increasing as deepening the mine depth. Mining safety science and engineering challenges are drawing more and more attention over last decade and beyond. In August 2023, the 6th International Symposium on Mine Safety Science and Engineering was held in Harbin to promote innovative development of mining safety, and foster international collaborations among scholars in the field of mining safety. It served as a platform for the exchange of the most recent advancements in mining safety scientific theories, technologies, and equipment by bringing together global talent. Over 400 attendees representing 9 countries, including Australia, Russia, United State, Kazakhstan, and Canada, engaged in academic discussions and knowledge sharing on new theories, technologies, equipment, and methods in mining safety science and engineering. The latest research results are of great significance in enhancing the practices of preventing mine disaster and ensuring the safety of mining operations.

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