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Conley, A. (2005). Another road to safety: Program replication guide. Berkeley, United States: First 5 Alameda County.


The "Another Road to Safety" Program (ARS) offers another type of intervention for parents who have maltreated their children and another chance for families to remain together. For the past two years, Alameda County public and community based agencies have come together to provide early intervention services to prevent the reoccurrence of child maltreatment. ARS uses a differential response intervention model that separates parents reported to the child maltreatment hotline into four levels of risk for child safety and risk of future maltreatment: low, moderate, high, and very high. Clients are then referred to services based on their risk level: low risk parents are referred to community resources, moderate to high risk families are referred to voluntary services from ARS, and very high risk clients are retained for services by the county department of social services. ARS clients receive up to nine months of intensive home visiting, with a host of concrete services such as basic needs funding and childcare referrals. The ultimate goal of ARS is to promote family safety and stability to ensure positive child development. This report details the program's history and service model. Graphics highlight program elements such as logic models. Programs and procedures are reviewed. The role of the paraprofessional home visitor is considered in depth. The report concludes with a discussion of lessons learned and potential for program replication in other counties.