'Out there'?'In here'? Domesticating critical geography



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Castree, N. (1999). 'Out there'?'In here'? Domesticating critical geography. Area, 31 (1), 81-86.


This short article is something of a review, something of a critique and something of a manifesto. It considers recent arguments by some critical geographers about the proper (sic) relationship between 'activism and the academy'. Written from the perspective of someone with a personal and professional stake in a broadly defined critical human geography, the article suggests the need to rethink and reorientate the locus of geographical radicalism. Specifically, I argue that too much of the recent debate on activism and the academy is preoccupied with connecting 'out there' to 'real world' struggles beyond university precincts. A complementary strategy of focussing 'in here'--that is, within and against the modern (and increasingly corporate) university that sustains but also circumscribes our academic labours--is proposed, and three important targets for 'in here' geographical activism are suggested.

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