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Jones, P. (2008). F. Christie & J.R. Martin (eds), Language, knowledge and pedagogy: Functional linguistic and sociological perspectives. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 31 (2), 241-245.


Arising from the productive dialogue between systemic functional linguistics and sociology begun earlier by Michael Halliday (1995), Basil Bernstein (1990) and Ruqaiya Hasan (1999), this edited volume is concerned with the nature of knowledge. Readers familiar with Bernstein's sociological theory will know the trajectory of his work from its early emphasis on code, through classification and framing of curriculum to his later interest in the structuring of knowledge. Throughout, his interest in the relationship between social relations and semiotic practice is evident as he attended firstly to the form taken by pedagogic discourse (the relay) and then later to the pedagogic discourse and knowledge itself (the relayed).