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Chen, H. (2008). C. Coffin, Historical discourse: The language of time, cause and evaluation. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 31 (1), 09.1-09.4.


Published as part of the Discourse Studies series edited by Ken Hyland, Coffin's Historical Discourse provides a systematic, informative and insightful description of the nature of historical discourse, its function and role, and of its pedagogic potential in the context of secondary schools. The book draws on and expands the scholarship Coffin has developed over some ten years, which includes her work in the 'Write it Right' Project of the disadvantaged Schools Program (xiii), her PhD (Coffin 2000) and her later work on historical discourse (Coffin 2002; 2003; 2004). The book makes a significant contribution to understanding the value of educational linguistics in illuminating the language demands of school history curricula and on this basis gaining insight into the learning and teaching of history.