Change and innovation in primary education



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Derewianka, B. (2013). Change and innovation in primary education. In K. Hyland & L. L. C. Wong (Eds.), Innovation and Change in English Language Education (pp. 155-171). United Kingdom: Routledge.


A key motivator of educational change is the curriculum mandated by the state. Internationally, curriculum reform is a major ongoing project as nations endeavour to improve student learning outcomes in a globally competitive environment. In the UK, for example, the National Curriculum is being significantly revised in order to identify the essential knowledge that students need to acquire and to provide greater autonomy to teachers and schools. In the USA, Common Core State Standards are being adopted by the majority of states in an effford to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn in order to succeed in further education and careers and to compete in the global economy.

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