From comorbidity to multiple health behaviour change



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Baker, A., Hiles, S., Thornton, L., Searl, A., Kelly, P. James. & Kay-Lambkin, F. (2013). From comorbidity to multiple health behaviour change. In W. Mistral (Eds.), Emerging Perspectives on Substance Misuse (pp. 152-169). United Kingdom: Wiley.


This chapter describes an emerging perspective in the treatment of coexisting mental health and substance-use problems (MHSUP). First, it reviews prevalence to demonstrate how common coexisting MHSUP are, and also highlights that the most commonly used substances, alcohol cannabis and tobacco, are legal. Next, the chapter focuses on the efficacy of treatment, pointing out that although this can be effective and some progress has been made towards incorporating these practices into clinical services, treatment silos remain. Following this, the authors recommend a way forward in considering MHSUP, suggesting that adoption of a healthy-lifestyles approach may help to break down barriers to provision for coexisting problems within existing treatment services. Finally, the chapter presents a case study on healthy lifestyles intervention.

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