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Jones, S. C., Barrie, L., Chapman, M., Corr, N. & Davoren, S. (2013). Alcohol advertising during televised Australian Football finals. In R. Brodie (Eds.), ANZMAC 2013 Conference Proceedings (pp. 1-7). New Zealand: University of Auckland.


Alcohol marketing during sport, and alcohol industry sponsorship of sporting events, is highly lucrative; however, concerns have been raised over the impact on child and adolescent viewers of repeated exposure to alcohol marketing messages. The aim of this research project was to investigate the amount and type of alcohol marketing during two major sporting events in 2012 - the semi-finals and grand final of the AFL and NRL. The broadcasts of these six games were audited for alcohol advertisements and other advertising communications. Almost one-fifth of the screen time included alcohol marketing. Policy and practice implications of these findings are discussed.