Environmental issues: signals in the noise?



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Castree, N. (2004). Environmental issues: signals in the noise?. Progress in Human Geography: an international review of geographical work in the social sciences and humanities, 28 (1), 79-90.


It is a peculiar fact that while the natural environment is one of geography's key research and teaching foci, it is difficult to specify what the discipline's distinctive contributions to environmental understanding are. In part, this is because geographical research on the environment remains theoretically and empirically diverse, indeed fragmented. In turn, this is a function of the fact that the precision of this putative focus is deceptive since the term environment is enormously. On the one side, physical geographers study the environment in their own subdisciplinary languages. On the other side, human geographers apply the tools of everything from Marxism to post-structuralism to make sense of environmental discourses and transformations.

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