The power of numbers



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Castree, N. & Wright, M. W. (2009). The power of numbers. Antipode: a radical journal of geography, 41 (1), 1-9.


Certain numbers have an uncommon hold over us: we regard them as talismanic, iconic, emblematic or otherwise loaded with significance. For Antipode and its readers, two must inevitably command attention in 2009. This August the journal will be 40 years old. Measured in the span of a human life-or at least an affluent Western one-it is now entering middle age. We are thus prompted, willingly or not, to ponder what "turning 40" means for Antipode-though in a way, one hopes, that's immune from the cliches, homilies and banalities so often uttered to mark this particular rite-of-passage. This is, we should immediately add, no ordinary 40th birthday. Antipode was, of course, a child of "the 60s" and its first issue appeared a few short months after the end of that most memorable of years: 1968.

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