Researching neoliberal environmental governance: a reply to Karen Bakker



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Castree, N. (2009). Researching neoliberal environmental governance: a reply to Karen Bakker. Environment and Planning A: international journal of urban and regional research, 41 (8), 1788-1794.


Most papers published in peer-review journals are rarely read or cited, and the minority that are seldom become the subject of sustained critical attention. I am therefore grateful to Karen Bakker, not only for taking the trouble to interrogate the arguments presented in my two back-to-back review essays (Castree, 2008a; 2008b), but for doing so constructively (Bakker, 2009). Her commentary is aimed as much at the research community whose published work I sought to survey as it is at me. Indeed, Karen is an exemplary member of that community. Her intervention continues a conversation I was hoping to initiate by seeking to make some sense of a relatively new but fast-growing body of research into the neoliberalisation of environmental and resource governance or what, as a shorthand, she simply calls `neoliberal nature'.

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