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Nielsen, W., Moll, R., Farrell, T., McDaid, N. & Hoban, G. (2013). Social media use among pre-service primary teachers. International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, 10 (8), 3-13.


This research explores preservice science teachers' social media practices as a first step in considering how to better utilize these tools in preservice teacher education. This is an important issue as these teachers will work with the next generation of students, who are likely to be even more connected through technology tools. We report data from a survey called the Social Media and Science Learning Survey that collects information about proficiencies and frequencies of use for a variety of social media tools for learning science. Results are from a cohort of 119 Australian primary teacher-education students in the context of their first year science methods subject. Results suggest social media behavior is different between use for everyday and their science methods subject in preservice teacher education. These differences may offer insight into how to prompt preservice teachers to more effectively utilize social media tools for connected learning and ultimately as instructional technology tools in their own classrooms.