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Howard, S. K. (2013). Integrating digital practices: A partnership to support the development of preservice teachers' digital literacies. AERA 2013 SIG-Computer and Internet Applications in Education (pp. 1-7). United States: AERA.


The importance of digital literacy well established, but it is unclear how this is integrated in teachers' practice. This paper presents a curriculum innovation and collaboration addressing this issue through development of digital products, in first-year teacher education subject. A key aspect of this initiative was providing students with home copies of appropriate software to support the task. Data was collected to investigate possible increases in students' confidence using digital media, as well as their beliefs about using digital products in their future learning and teaching. Findings suggest increased confidence and positive beliefs across the subject, but larger increases in students using the software at home. This suggests positive implications for the innovation and collaboration, but potential issues in relation to the increasing digital divide.