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Howard, S. K. & Thompson, K. (2013). Systems of integration: Using system dynamics to understand technology integration in learning and teaching. 15th Biennial Conference EARLI 2013: Responsible Teaching and Sustainable Learning EARLI.


This paper presents the use of system dynamics to analyze factors impacting on teachers adoption and integration of technology in learning and teaching. Educational change is a complex and dynamic process, particularly in the area of technology integration. Existing models of teacher integration have not been designed to account for shifting and changing teacher experience, confidence and cultural aspects of technology integration. Therefore, the use of system dynamics is proposed to provide a more informed understanding of these interactions, with the aim to extend existing models of teachers' technology integration. This discussion applies this approach to analyze and model teachers' adoption of laptops in teaching within a large-scale 1-to-1 laptop program in New South Wales, Australia. The research is novel and innovative in its use of system dynamics to understand teacher change. Implications for professional development and school-level support will be discussed.