Evoking desire...and irreverence: a collection of Women Writing Women

The Women Writing Women Collective, University of British Columbia

The Women Writing Women Collective (2008). Evoking desire...and irreverence: a collection of Women Writing Women. Complicity: an international journal of complexity in education, 5 (1), 131-139.


We draw from the diverse life experiences of women who have supported their academic and life journeys through membership in the Women Writing Women (WWW) collective. We come from diverse backgrounds in curriculum, new media studies, drama, english, art, science, creative writing, elementary, secondary, higher and adult education, and bring these multiple perspectives to our monthly dialogues. We explore how writing can evoke desire, longing, fear, reverence, irreverence, joy and awe rather than merely represent. The community offers an emergent space for these deeply personal, yet public explorations into meaning-making. We share personal stories, perform writing, dialogue on the evolution of this collective, and co-create with the audience gathered. Throughout the four years of conforming, unforming, reforming and transforming within this collective, we have come to understand that the simple and seemingly isolated act of personal and academic writing is a complex social reality. We articulate singularities in our writings and discussions as we simultaneously discover overlapping links within personal and collective metaphors. The paper opens a much-needed dialogue on the complexity of transformational learning communities, particularly within academia. We hope to evoke dialogue and inspire among our readership to also create writing collectives as a form of 'joyful revolt' against isolating hegemonics, opening up a new space to explore collectivity and emergent possibility.