Measuring Identity Processes in Family Relational Empowerment



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Buckley-Walker, K., Crowe, T. P. & Caputi, P. (2013). Measuring Identity Processes in Family Relational Empowerment. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 11 (3), 358-368.


This paper outlines a procedure for measuring personal identity that uses self-characterisations to elicit and integrate ideographic data for fixed construct repertory grid nomothetic applications. There is a focus on how family members view their personal identities when they are recovering from the impacts of having a 'loved one' with a mental illness and/or substance used disorder. The unique nature of personal and relational empowerment journeys necessitates the use of an ideographic approach to capture changes in personal identity. A significant research implication for this procedure is that the consistent meaning generated through this initially ideographic approach can then be used to explore changes in identity across larger populations. The clinical implications include having a phenomenological framework upon which care plans that include a focus on identity processes can be individually tailored.

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