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Ziegler, A., Vialle, W. & Wimmer, B. (2013). The actiotope model of giftedness: A short introduction to some central theoretical assumptions. In S. N. Phillipson, H. Stoeger & A. Ziegler (Eds.), Exceptionality in East Asia (pp. 1-17). London: Routledge.


Scenario 1: Favela Rocinha in the south of Rio de Janeiro. Little Carlos is sitting on three piled-up tyres. The four chairs around the only table in the wooden hut are occupied by his oldest brother and his friend playing cards together. Scenario 2: 155th street, Holocombe Rucker Playground, in the middle of a neighborhood in the poorest part of Harlem. Mike, aged eight, is dreaming of doing one 'slam dunk' after another some day during the 'Rucker', the world's most famous street basketball tournament. Scenario 3: The room of Lian, a third-grade pupil. She's going to do a mathematics test in two weeks, but cannot decide if she should start studying or watch a TV show which is very popular among her classmates.

It may seem unlikely to us that Carlos is going to be a professional card player, that Mike is going to be a professional basketball player or that Lian is going to be a great mathematician. But how could this scenario change?