Conclusion: 'A new day is on the horizon'?



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Loney-Howes, R. & Fileborn, B. (2019). Conclusion: 'A new day is on the horizon'?. In B. Fileborn & R. Loney-Howes (Eds.), #MeToo and the politics of social change (pp. 335-342). Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.


In this concluding chapter, we critically reflect on the future of #MeToo. We position #MeToo as a rupture in public discussions about what constitutes sexual harassment and violence, as well as who is afforded recognition. However, we are cautious about the ways in which the interventions following this rupture may be problematic and reinforce the same structural conditions and interpersonal relationships the #MeToo movement is seeking to critique. Rather than aiming to reach some kind of consensus as to the impact, influence, and shortcomings of the movement, this chapter restates the (perhaps uncomfortable, messy and less satisfying) position of resisting 'easy' answers and neat, fully resolved conclusions about #MeToo. Indeed, if there is a key 'take-away' point from the contributions to this book, it is that the #MeToo movement is a deeply complex and multi-faceted one, brimming with points of tension, contradiction, and polarization. Drawing on the key arguments presented by the contributors in this collection, the chapter articulates ongoing challenges that need addressing.

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