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Fogarty, J., Barry, R. & Steiner, G. (2020). The First 250 ms of Auditory Processing: No Evidence of Early Processing Negativity in the Go/NoGo Task. Scientific Reports, 10 (1),


2020, The Author(s). Past evidence of an early Processing Negativity in auditory Go/NoGo event-related potential (ERP) data suggests that young adults proactively process sensory information in two-choice tasks. This study aimed to clarify the occurrence of Go/NoGo Processing Negativity and investigate the ERP component series related to the first 250 ms of auditory processing in two Go/NoGo tasks differing in target probability. ERP data related to each task were acquired from 60 healthy young adults (M = 20.4, SD = 3.1 years). Temporal principal components analyses were used to decompose ERP data in each task. Statistical analyses compared component amplitudes between stimulus type (Go vs. NoGo) and probability (High vs. Low). Neuronal source localisation was also conducted for each component. Processing Negativity was not evident; however, P1, N1a, N1b, and N1c were identified in each task, with Go P2 and NoGo N2b. The absence of Processing Negativity in this study indicated that young adults do not proactively process targets to complete the Go/NoGo task and/or questioned Processing Negativity's conceptualisation. Additional analyses revealed stimulus-specific processing as early as P1, and outlined a complex network of active neuronal sources underlying each component, providing useful insight into Go and NoGo information processing in young adults.



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