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Gibbs, L., Fetterplace, L. & Hanich, Q. (2019). Shark nets are destructive and don't keep you safe - let's invest in lifeguards. The Conversation, 4 December 1-7.

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The Conversation


As Australians look forward to the summer beach season, the prospect of shark encounters may cross their minds. Shark control has been the subject of furious public debate in recent years and while some governments favour lethal methods, it is the wrong route. Our study, published today in People and Nature, presents further evidence that lethal shark hazard management damages marine life and does not keep people safe. We examined the world's longest-running lethal shark management program, the New South Wales Shark Meshing (Bather Protection) Program, introduced in 1937. We argue it is time to move on from shark nets and invest further in lifeguard patrol and emergency response.