Open Dialogue: Frequently Asked Questions



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Ong, B., Barbara-May, R., Brown, J. M., Dawson, L., Gray, C., McCloughen, A., Mikes-Liu, K., Sidis, A., Singh, R., Thorpe, C. & Buus, N. (2019). Open Dialogue: Frequently Asked Questions. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 40 (4), 416-428.


2019 Australian Association of Family Therapy Open Dialogue is an approach to working with people and their families experiencing psychosocial distress. Interest in Open Dialogue in Australia has been growing recently, raising questions about its adaption and implementation to local contexts. This article is an attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions we have encountered in training and discussions about Open Dialogue. We attempt to provide responses to questions of how Open Dialogue is different to what is done already, how it fits with current approaches, how you know if you are doing it, whether it is passive or just about doing reflections, issues about including the social network, and concerns about the evidence base. This article aims to present a variety of viewpoints in relation to these questions and to hopefully further discussions on how Open Dialogue can be implemented and adapted to Australian health care and social care contexts.

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