Supervisees' experiences of a metacommunication intervention in clinical supervision



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Calvert, F., Deane, F. & Barrett, J. (2019). Supervisees' experiences of a metacommunication intervention in clinical supervision. Clinical Psychologist,


2019 The Australian Psychological Society Objective: This study aimed to explore the experiences of supervisees who completed a metacommunication intervention in supervision. Methods: Forty-eight supervisees completed the supervisory intervention and gave post-intervention written feedback. Their responses were thematically analysed. Results: Overall, supervisees responded positively to the intervention, with high willingness to engage in metacommunication again in supervision. Thematic analysis of the reflective written responses completed post-intervention revealed a rich array of supervisee experiences of the metacommunication exercise. Supervisees spoke of anticipated/intended impacts on supervision and their therapy practice, including: greater depth of reflection, attending to parallel process, discussion of roles, increased closeness, improved openness, and increased confidence in metacommunication. In regard to challenges associated with the supervisory intervention, participants reflected on difficulties with timing, experiences of discomfort and concerns about potential negative reactions from the supervisor, and consideration of power dynamics in supervision. Conclusion: This study shows promising preliminary results of the acceptability and perceived impacts of an experiential intervention involving the use of metacommunication in supervision.

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