Symposium - smoking cessation and drug and alcohol dependence treatment: an overview of opportunities



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Bonevski, B., Bowman, J., Kelly, P. & West, R. (2012). Symposium - smoking cessation and drug and alcohol dependence treatment: an overview of opportunities. Drug And Alcohol Review, 31 (Supplement s1), 6-6.


Issues: Presently there are technological challenges to drug testing drivers. Approach: An analysis of drug testing results in Queensland with tentative conclusions, including the latest data on comparisons between alcohol and drug testing, types of drugs detected, and post mortem and anti-mortem testing results. Key Findings: Policing for alcohol affected driving and drugged driving are handled differently and there are a range of reasons discussed for that. Implications: There are policing practice and policy implications for this approach. Conclusion: Queensland Police are now some ways down the drugged driving journey however, there are signifi cant difficulties and challenges in the way that drug-related driving is enforced. Australian law enforcement has for some considerable time mainstreamed the drink driving prosecution of drivers and yet with respect to drugged driving there are some considerable obstacles to overcome. Certainly, there are technological limitations which lead to fi nancial and human resource imposts for police agencies. The challenge is to fi nd a reliable, cost-effective drug testing regime that meets the needs of operational police and is reliable from an evidentiary criminal prosecution perspective. This presentation overviews the gains made in Queensland, Australia while outlining the challenges for law enforcement in this difficult field.

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