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Suzuki, W., Seno, T., Yamashita, W., Ichinohe, N., Takeichi, H. & Palmisano, S. (2019). Vection induced by low-level motion extracted from complex animation films. Experimental Brain Research, 237 (12), 3321-3332.


This study examined the contributions of low-, mid- and high-level visual motion information to vection. We compared the vection experiences induced by hand-drawn and computer-generated animation clips to those induced by versions of these movies that contained only their pure optic flow. While the original movies were found to induce longer and stronger vection experiences than the pure optic flow, vection onsets were not significantly altered by removing the mid- and high-level information. We conclude that low-level visual motion information appears to be important for vection induction, whereas mid- and higher-level display information appears to be important for sustaining and strengthening this vection after its initial induction.



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