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Torland, M., Weiler, B., Moyle, B. D. & Wolf, I. D. (2015). Are your ducks in a row? External and internal stakeholder perceptions of the benefits of parks in New South Wales, Australia. Managing Sport and Leisure, 20 (4), 211-237.


This research examines the strategic alignment between external and internal stakeholders' perceptions of the benefits of parks. To achieve this objective, surveys were distributed to park agency staff, as well as a sample of residents in New South Wales, Australia. Findings revealed alignment between external and internal stakeholders, with executive managers' perceptions being generally more favourable than staff and community. The paper pays particular attention to the alignment of internal stakeholders' (staff) perceptions, which is important for establishing and defending the market position of parks. A high degree of strategic alignment was found between executive and staff for personal benefits. However, results revealed incongruence between perceptions of lower level and executive staff for community-wide benefits. Gender, age, frequency of interaction with visitors, and visitation to parks outside of work hours were found to influence staff perceptions of park benefits. This research provides valuable insights into how park management agencies can build strategic alignment among internal stakeholders, and in turn external stakeholders, critical for building support for parks and associated conservation.



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