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Moore, M., Jones, A., Pollard, C. M. & Yeatman, H. (2019). Development of Australia's front-of-pack interpretative nutrition labelling Health Star Rating system: lessons for public health advocates. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 43 (4), 352-354.


Objectives: To draw advocacy lessons from actions undertaken by public health groups to assist the development of Australia and New Zealand's Health Star Rating (HSR) front-of-pack nutrition labelling system.

Methods: The advocacy approaches undertaken by the Public Health Association of Australia leading up to the time of the adoption of the HSR is examined using a 10 step advocacy framework. Key roles in advocacy planning and implementation are described, along with coordinating efforts by health and consumer groups during the HSR development processes.

Results: HSR aims to support consumers to make informed choices to protect from diet-related diseases, including obesity. The HSR launched despite a number of major obstacles, owing to a strategic, coordinated advocacy effort undertaken by a guiding coalition.

Conclusions: Actions to improve nutrition are often highly contested, particularly if the desired outcome competes with commercial interests. However, by deploying a structured approach to public health advocacy it is possible to influence government despite opposition from commercial interests.

Implications for public health: A shared vision and a coordinated effort by public health professionals enabled advocates to overcome undue commercial influence.



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