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Gupta, A., Miller, C., Harford, J., Smithers, L. G. & Braunack-Mayer, A. (2019). Australia's sugar tale. Public Health Nutrition, 22 (14), 2682-2687.


Objective: To establish high intake of free sugars and its related disease burden as a significant public health challenge in Australia.

Design: We discuss five key actions to reduce intake of free sugars tailored to the Australian context. These strategies are informed by reviewing the global scientific evidence on the effectiveness of a range of policy responses to reduce intake of free sugars at the population level.

Setting: Australia.

Participants: Australian population.

Results: The five key actions to reduce population levels for intake of free sugars tailored to the Australian context include prioritising health in trade agreements and policy; introducing a fiscal policy supporting health and promoting food reformulation; regulating advertising and improving labelling; strengthening the current dietary guidelines; and encouraging healthy choices

Conclusions: The adoption and implementation of the strategies discussed in the current commentary would aid in tackling the rising health burden from the intake of free sugars in Australia.



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