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Bell, K. & Seaman, C. E. (2016). Public Report: Case Study of White Ribbon Australia's Ambassador Program: Men as Allies to Prevent Men's Violence against Women. Wollongong, Australia: University of Wollongong.


This project is a case study of White Ribbon Australia's Ambassador Program. This project was independently conducted by Kenton Bell and Claire E. Seaman, under the auspices of the University of Wollongong and supervised by Associate Professor Michael Flood and Associate Professor Richard Howson. Through in-depth interviews and an online survey, this project investigated how and why men become part of the Ambassador Program; how they enact their role as an ally to end men's violence against women, the challenges they encounter, and how they overcome them. The project has two primary aims. First, to provide an independent assessment of the Ambassador Program through analysis of Ambassador perceptions of White Ribbon Australia's successes and areas for improvement, and to create an Ambassador demographic profile. Second, due to the scale of the research and the position of White Ribbon Australia as a leader in engaging men to prevent men's violence against women, the case study aims to inform at a broader social level. It seeks to provide insight into Ambassadors' motivations and experiences which may assist other organisations in Australia and around the world to similarly engage men in preventing men's violence against women.



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