Constructs of allied health: making considered choices



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Cusick, A. & Lannin, N. (2005). Constructs of allied health: making considered choices. In G. Whiteford & V. Wright-St Clair (Eds.), Occupation & Practice in Context (pp. 158-178). Marrickville: Elsevier Australia.


Whereas other chapters in this book have tacitly included health professions as a collective grouping in the exploration of professional and practice issues, this chapter presents a critical discussion of allied health as a specific construct. Allied health is defined, described as deconstructed so that clear choices can be made by professions about allied health as a context for practice. To do this, the chapter explores six themes: allied health as a collection; the concept of allied health in chaos; customary uses; contradictions inherent in allied health; the challenge of allied health and individual professions with occupational therapy used as an example; and, finally, choices that can be made about the profession-allied health context relationship.

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