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Kirk, M. & Lipscombe, K. (2019). When a postgraduate student becomes a novice researcher and a supervisor becomes a mentor: A journey of research identity development. Studying Teacher Education, 15 (2), 179-197.


Developing a research identity is a critical space for novice researchers in teacher education. This co-authored self-study explores the experiences of a postgraduate Master of Education student who was working as a novice research assistant with her supervisor and how these experiences contributed to research identify development. Utilising Gee's (2000) Identity Framework as an analytical frame we, a novice researcher and supervisor, examine entries of a reflective research journal and supervisor feedback to gain insights into experiences that both support and constrain positive research identity development. Specifically, we promote mentorship and collaborative research as an effective strategy in normalising the typical feelings of vulnerability and self-doubt novice researchers experience but concede that challenges associated with power in-balances between student and supervisor are difficult to navigate. Recording the personal learning journey in the form of self study, serves to not only support self, but hopefully others endeavouring to begin research and those supervising postgraduate students in research projects. This is aligned with the assumption that self study should seek to facilitate research conversation, and not only provide links to literature but possibly add to the literature, whilst ultimately informing practice and development.



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