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Eriksen, C., Amri, A., Towers, B., Calgaro, E., Richardson, J., Haynes, K. & McKinnon, S. (2018). Children aren't liabilities in disasters - they can help, if we let them. The Conversation, 5 April 1-3.

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The Conversation


Our world is becoming increasingly vulnerable to fire, flood and other natural hazards. While our instinct as adults may be to shield children from these possibilities, this does them a real disservice. Lessons from El Salvador and the Philippines show that when children are given accurate, clear information in accessible and age-appropriate language, they are highly motivated to help reduce disaster risks, both at home and in their communities. Indeed, there is growing evidence that children can play an active and positive role in making their communities more resilient to climate change, hurricanes and bushfires, and in improving disaster recovery.

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ARC/DE150100242, ARC/DP170100096