Examining Pre-Service Primary Teachers' Experiences of Music and Technology



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Capaldo, S. & Bennett, S. (2013). Examining Pre-Service Primary Teachers' Experiences of Music and Technology. World Conference on Educational Media & Technology (pp. 484-493). Chesapeake, United States: AACE.


This paper describes a new study examining pre-service primary teacher's experiences of music and technology. Previous research has shown a reticence among pre-service teachers to adopt teaching music with technology. This exploratory study aimed to develop an understanding of the influences that shape pre-service teachers in their choices about engaging music and technology, and how this might affect their classroom pedagogy and student learning outcomes. In so doing, this study addressed gaps in current understanding about pre-service teacher's engagement with technology and music by exploring their experiences with technology, sharing and creation practices and their music tastes and preferences. Importantly, the study investigated claims made about how information and communication technology is changing engagement with music and considers the implications for school-based music education. The results of the study suggest that pre-service teachers' experiences in music and technology does not develop into confidence, knowledge and motivation to teach music.

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