The art of the matter: Challenging educator beliefs and misbeliefs



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Lindsay, G. (2018). The art of the matter: Challenging educator beliefs and misbeliefs. Preschool Matters, Term 4 40-42.


Few early childhood educators would disagree or say that children's visual arts development and expression does not matter. Art materials and processes are central to daily practice in most early childhood settings and the benefits of visual arts engagement are widely accepted. Yet, it is very common to hear early childhood teachers and educators (and the wider population) express the belief that they are not personally artistic (Lindsay, 2015; 2016). When I explain that my PhD research explored the visual arts beliefs and pedagogy of early childhood educators, the most common response is comments about the importance of the research topic, quickly followed by selfconscious statements such as, "Oh, but I am not artistic", or "I don't have a creative bone in my body" ...

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