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Alavi, S. Babak. & McCormick, J. (2018). Why do I think my team is capable? A study of some antecedents of team members’ personal collective efficacy beliefs. Educational Psychology: an international journal of experimental educational psychology, 38 (9), 1147-1162.

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Slightly variant title on final manuscript provided: Why do I think my team is capable? A study of some antecedents of team members' individual collective efficacy beliefs


Few studies have been conducted about team members' individual beliefs of their team's collective efficacy (personal collective efficacy). We argue that this individual belief is a motivational factor for teamwork along with self-efficacy for teamwork. This study investigated relationships between personal collective efficacy, self-efficacy for teamwork, collective orientations and perceptions of self in relation to other team members. In addition, relationships between personal collective efficacy and team members' perceptions of team activities namely evaluating and integrating were explored. Multilevel analysis was employed in order to account for team level variation when testing individual level relationships. Eighty-six university student teams were followed throughout a two-stage study. We found personal collective efficacy was related to self-efficacy for teamwork, horizontal allocentrism, and the extent to which a team member perceived the level of integrating ideas and team tasks to be interdependent.



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